Internationally leading equestrian photographer Dorte Tuladhar is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

With her strong dedication and passion for horses, her portfolio comprises the most exclusive equestrian places all over the world. Her works are continuously shown in highly prestigious international magazines where she collaborates with luxury equestrian brands. Dorte Tuladhar’s work captivates her audience combining a clear aesthetic sense with a contemporary and fashionable delicate touch. 


Aisling Equestrian, Baur, B Vertigo, Barbour, Catago, Equestrian Life Magazine, Equipage, Essential Magazine, Everhorse, Finesse Bridles, Hööks, Horse and Style Magazine, Horse Riders Journal, Horze, Kinfolk, Equilife Magazine, Kingsland, Longines, Montar, One K, Riders Notebook, Siccaro, Suitcase Magazine, The Blue Horse Magazine,



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